HOSCO Agri s.a.r.l. is a company based on years of experience in the beekeeping field and has officially started its work in year 2014.

Based in the Okaybe, Keserwan area, its mission is to help the beekeeping sector in Lebanon grow and lead regionally and internationally through supporting beekeepers on their optimum production practices and their environmentally responsible solutions for the beehives’ products.


  • Improve the quality of the beehives’ products in Lebanon;
  • Promote good beekeeping practices through training of young and experienced beekeepers;
  • Spread awareness on the critical role that honey bees play in agriculture ,the food chain and the ecosystem;
  • Increase the beehives’ productivity;
  • Educate the consumer on the benefits of honey and beekeeping products.

HOSCO Agri’s main activities are:

  • Producing honey and other bee products such as wax sheets foundations, and royal jelly;
  • Advising beekeepers of the area on the good beekeeping practices to ensure highest quality of beekeeping;
  • Sterilizing, treating and recycling all natural beeswax from beekeepers abiding by international quality standards and norms.